Robert W. Finnegan, J.D., CLU®, Published in Trusts & Estates Magazine

We are pleased to announce that the following article by Robert W. Finnegan, J.D., CLU®, AEP®, was recently published in the April Trusts & Estates.

Planning With Life Insurance in Uncertain Times
A holistic approach can help clients move forward

 Based on the new higher exemptions, many HNW and UHNW clients will elect to delay estate planning at their own and their families’ peril. But planning isn’t just or even primarily about taxes, it’s about protecting family security from threats-to-wealth. A holistic approach that is first and foremost client-centric (by focusing on how planning benefits the client and provides ongoing access and control) will be more successful than the old beneficiary-centric model.

Bob Finnegan, Advanced Planning Attorney, Highland Capital Brokerage, outlines all the threats to a family’s wealth and offers a thorough discussion of dual spousal lifetime access trusts coupled with straightforward yet powerful insurance-based strategies that not only protect and preserve a client’s wealth and his or her lifetime access to it, but also offer sufficient flexibility to make changes or efficiently unwind parts of the strategy if needed.


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