Study: Life Insurance Considered Too Complex for Many

A recent survey from personal finance organization Life Happens found that many Americans see beginning a life insurance policy as a daunting task.

Americans Need More Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most versatile financial planning tools available, but most Americans don’t have enough coverage for their economic situation, according to LIMRA.

Planning in Uncertain Times

Advanced sales alerts

An article by Bob Finnegan, J.D., CLU®, HCB Senior Vice President, Advanced Sales Attorney, published in Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Newsletter on December 20, 2016.

Since at least 2001 when the estate tax was renamed the “death tax,” transfer taxes have been a political football. With the election of Donald Trump and a 51-member majority in the Senate, the possibility of repeal has become more likely. Much of the commentary has taken repeal as a given.  But is repeal likely? And if the transfer taxes are repealed, what is the likelihood that repeal will in fact be permanent?  And most importantly, how do we advise our clients in the face of all of this uncertainty?

Client Segmentation Highlights the Need for Policy Reviews

Every financial professional understands that clients can have wildly different retirement goals, but it can be hard for insurance producers to evaluate what type of retirement plan will best connect with a specific client.

December 2016 LTC Newsletter


LTC in the News

The word is spreading. Major news outlets are letting the American people know the importance of long-term care planning. Are you? Here are a few recent third party articles.

How Family Business Benefits from Life Insurance

By enlisting the help of a trusted professional, family businesses can work to create robust safeguards that will keep them going for years to come.

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