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Roth IRA Conversion

Traditional IRAs may be converted to Roth type funds to the advantage of certain account holders.

Is Generation X Financially Prepared for Retirement?

From the tech bubble burst to the Great Recession, members of Generation X have had their list of financial woes and notable setbacks impacting their long-term financial planning.

Marketing Tips for Financial Planners Seeking High Net Worth Clients

Finding the marketing campaign that best suits your particular’s company’s goals might take a bit of tinkering, but by taking the bull by the horns, any financial planning firm can attract the high net worth clients they’re seeking.

Why Advisors Need to up Their Search Strategy

More evidence is making it clear that if financial professionals don’t take their online brand seriously, chances are clients won’t take them seriously.

How Financial Planners Can Prepare for the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’

With the financial planning industry becoming extremely fluid throughout the next decade, professionals in this sector need to be ready to face the risks associated with obtaining revenue tomorrow versus making it today.

Financial Planners Can Help Lower the Tax Burden for HNW Individuals

Financial planners need to understand the nuances of various planning methods and techniques as well as how to secure the right types of coverage for life insurance.

Why Wealthy Donors Don’t Rest Easy

Many wealthy donors are kept awake at night with the thought that their contributions are not making a difference, or simply going to waste.

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