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How Financial Planners Can Talk to Their Clients About Estate Planning

Financial planners operate in an ideal place to educate and guide their clients toward creating a robust estate plan.

Estate Planning Shifts Focus to Digital Realm

Estate planners must work with their clients to understand how important digital assets should be handled.

Blended Families Create Estate Planning Challenges

An increasing number of children in the U.S. live in blended households, meaning divorced parents are remarrying and forming new familial relationships. This creates estate planning considerations that many high net worth consumers may not be prepared to address. .

Too Many Family Businesses Are Without a Succession Plan

The majority of family businesses in the U.S. do not have a proper business succession plan in place for senior roles, according to  a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers US Family Business Survey. In fact, 73 percent of family businesses found themselves without a documented succession plan – a trend financial professionals must help their clients combat.

Estate Equalization with Life Insurance [Infographic]

Understand how estate equalization works, learn the benefits and considerations to take with this easy to use infographic. Estate equalization allows clients to leverage a pool of liquidity they can utilize to ensure beneficiaries receive their fair share.

Help Your Clients Transfer Wealth Equitably

If estate equalization is a good fit for your client, it’s vital to structure the process properly. The first step will likely be helping your client choose the right level of death benefit protection for the estate. Asset values can change from year to year, and the number of beneficiaries can fluctuate as well. Selecting the right amount requires careful forward planning.

Help Your Clients Save on Estate Planning

There’s no shortage of factors to consider when it comes to estate planning. Family relationships, last wishes, wealth transfer – your clients will have their hands full. However, in addition to helping them wade through the often complex process of estate planning, they’ll also be looking to you for one more service: reducing costs.

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