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Help Your Clients Transfer Wealth Equitably

If estate equalization is a good fit for your client, it’s vital to structure the process properly. The first step will likely be helping your client choose the right level of death benefit protection for the estate. Asset values can change from year to year, and the number of beneficiaries can fluctuate as well. Selecting the right amount requires careful forward planning.

Enhance Wealth Transfer in Estate Planning Through Stretch IRAs

Individual retirement accounts are a popular tool for retirement planning, but do your clients know their IRAs can do more than just provide financial security in the here and now? IRAs have become not just a valuable tool for retirement, but for wealth transfer in estate planning, as well.

The Benefits of Private Financing

In a world where consumers are increasingly seeking financial advice tailored to their specific needs, it’s more important than ever for insurance producers to offer their clients custom-fit solutions. When it comes to wealth transfer planning, private financing can be just such a solution.

Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

Regardless of income, parents want to make sure they’re able to provide their children with a good life. Passing on wealth to the next generation is often a integral part of this. Fortunately, high-net-worth individuals have more options than most when it comes to wealth transfer planning.