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Is Generation X Financially Prepared for Retirement?

From the tech bubble burst to the Great Recession, members of Generation X have had their list of financial woes and notable setbacks impacting their long-term financial planning.

Enhance Wealth Transfer in Estate Planning Through Stretch IRAs

Individual retirement accounts are a popular tool for retirement planning, but do your clients know their IRAs can do more than just provide financial security in the here and now? IRAs have become not just a valuable tool for retirement, but for wealth transfer in estate planning, as well.

How Does Life Insurance Aid Your Retirement?

Most Americans who have been working for their entire adult lives have some plans regarding their retirement, whether that’s through a sophisticated savings plan or just keeping some money stashed between their mattress and box spring. Of course, many companies these days offer their employees an easy option to save in the form of a 401(k) or an individual retirement account (IRA).