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Disability a Greater Risk than Many Clients May Realize

Insurance producers have the difficult task of getting their clients to think long and hard about topics they may not want to consider. Namely, their eventual passing. However, death is not the only potential risk your clients need to focus on protection against. In fact, based on data, there’s a good chance your clients are better financially prepared for death than they are for disability.

Educate Your Clients on Annuities as a Wealth Transfer Tool

As a financial producer, you’re aware that one of the main concerns of your clients is how to efficiently and responsibly pass on their wealth, whether it’s to younger siblings, children or even grandchildren. While there are numerous ways your clients can leave inheritances, certain methods create more burdens than your clients would prefer. 

QLACs Offer New Retirement Strategies

People are living longer than ever before, but the insurance industry has compensated for this change by creating financial flexibility through qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs). Because your clients can anticipate living into their 70s, 80s and even 90s, their retirement financial strategies must take into account the need to spread income out over a number of decades once they’re no longer working.

Analyzing Attributes of Prospective LTC Clients [Infographic]

Regardless of gender, income or background, there’s a high probability that your clients will require long term care in the future. However, there are some key characteristics that make some more predisposed to LTC insurance than others.