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Educate Your Clients on Annuities as a Wealth Transfer Tool

As a financial producer, you’re aware that one of the main concerns of your clients is how to efficiently and responsibly pass on their wealth, whether it’s to younger siblings, children or even grandchildren. While there are numerous ways your clients can leave inheritances, certain methods create more burdens than your clients would prefer. 

Fixed Annuities Give Consumers Confidence

There’s a good chance many of your clients are experiencing worry over retirement. Such a significant life transition is bound to come with feelings of apprehension, and it’s typically the financial side of things that gives clients the most pause.

5 Key Benefits of Longevity Annuities Your Clients Should Know

As people are living longer and healthier lives, the insurance industry has had to adjust to provide products that help people manage their wealth for longer periods of time. In some cases, people are worried about outliving their incomes, while others, who are confident their savings will last through their lifetimes, are interested in finding the most advantageous investment strategies for their wealth. 

Treasury Regulations Mean Increased Need for Advisory Services in Annuities

A recent study from LIMRA found that nearly 9 in 10 annuity owners are  confident regarding their retirement lifestyles. Now, new regulations put in place by the the U.S. Department of the Treasury could open the door to more clients benefiting from the unique advantages offered by annuities.