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Streamline Your Life Insurance Transactions with EasyLife


At Highland, we understand that every life insurance policy is important, but some shouldn’t take as much time as others. That’s why we improved EasyLife. This new platform effortlessly streamlines your life insurance quote, application, and case management experience from start to finish. And as an added bonus, it’s mobile friendly.

“Our Vice Presidents are the cornerstone of every relationship at Highland. View your VP’s information easily each time you login.”


EasyLife is designed to make the life insurance buying experience, well, easy. We’ve simplified the process so that you can quickly find and apply for the coverage your client needs. Start by selecting Quote, Apply, or My Cases on the home page. Under Quote and Apply, select the type of insurance you would like. For permanent insurance, you can submit an e- application. For term insurance, you have the option to submit a drop ticket, e-application, or download a paper application. E-applications are personally reviewed by a Highland Case Manager before carrier submission and completed drop tickets are submitted directly to the carrier.

Why EasyLifeDrop tickets serve as an abbreviated application, giving the carriers enough information to start the process directly with the client. After the carrier receives the drop ticket, they will call the client to complete the remainder of the application over the phone while also gathering valuable underwriting information. Because of your ability to submit directly to the carrier, you may notice some differences between carrier portals. Keep in mind, each portal offers unique features pending the carrier you select.

“If you need assistance, go to Why EasyLife. This scrolling help section allows you to view multiple topics and learn more.”


My Cases allows you to easily track and save your applications, including your paid and pending cases. As much as you’ll want to submit all your cases through EasyLife, we know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve made it possible to track ALL your pending and paid cases with Highland via the dashboard.

You might be wondering if EasyLife works with carrier Accelerated Underwriting programs. We thought about that too. While Accelerated Underwriting might not be right for some clients, it’s great for an individual approximately 18 – 50 years old looking to buy $1 Million or less of insurance.  EasyLife provides a full list of participating carriers as well as their guidelines in the “Why EasyLife” section. Make sure you check back periodically as we will continue to provide more carriers with this service.

Highland strives to make life insurance transactions straightforward and uncomplicated for all financial professionals. Along with our Vice Presidents being unmatched in the industry, we are pleased to provide a new, streamlined process to make your transaction truly easier, with EasyLife. Try it now!

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