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Can Your Company Benefit from Social Media Advertising?

Practically everyone uses the Internet, but many businesses fail to harness the Web’s power for advertising. A website isn’t enough in the modern era; you need to drive traffic to your site and connect with individuals who view your organization’s profile on social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Financial Professionals

These days, just about every company can benefit from a social media campaign.

Social Media Presents Major Benefits, Challenges for Firms

With the right strategy, social media can serve as a powerful tool for financial professionals.

Social Media Strategy a Top Priority for Advisors

A recent report from LinkedIn and the Financial Planning Association sheds new light on the demographics of social media use, as well as the measurable impact these tools can have on business. In short, many experts agree that it’s time for financial professionals to start taking social media seriously.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Social Media and Email Efforts

Today, most financial professionals recognize the need for large-scale email outreach programs and an accompanying social media presence. These digital tools provide an easy way for producers to communicate with current clients and consumers who may become clients in the future.

How to Start Using Social Media the Right Way

Independent insurance advisors need social media if they want to be part of the future of the insurance industry. Social media platforms have been around for decades, it just took a while for them to take the form in which we now know them.

The Growing Importance of Social Media for Insurance Professionals

As time goes on, there’s mounting evidence that people are integrating social media into their daily lives and looking to it for help in making educated purchasing decisions. As an insurance professional, you can use social media to your advantage to meet new people and boost your sales.

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