Reaching out Despite the Distance

Reaching out Despite the Distance

Reaching Out Despite the Distance header

Now more than ever is a time to reach out to clients, relaying your concern for their well-being and reassuring them of your commitment to helping them reach their respective financial objectives. The elimination of in-person meetings in the near-term may make that harder, but not unmanageable.

Despite social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, you can still have meaningful conversations with clients. Whether over the phone or through video conferencing platforms, you can provide clients a sense of security and control in such unprecedented uncertainty.

In fact, this may be a perfect time for you and your clients to set up a virtual policy review meeting, as many of your clients will have both the time and inclination, given the volatile environment.

To help start these conversations, we’ve supplied client-facing emails and social posts, ready for your personalization, and a Tips to Managing COVID-19 Stress flyer. Use these in conjunction with best practices for video conferencing—as explored in Conducting Business Virtually—to ensure a smooth and productive discussion.

For more information regarding Highland’s business continuity, industry and carrier updates, as well as additional resources to keep your business moving forward in this challenging time, please visit our Business Continuity microsite.

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