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The Importance of Social Media in Attracting New Clients

Social media has the potential to dramatically improve financial professionals’ ability to engage with clients, but successfully using social media requires a different approach than traditional modes of consumer communication.

Building Relationships Through Social Media

In short, the days of traditional marketing efforts for wealth planning professionals are over. Now is the time to build business relationships through social media.

Where Can Insurance Providers Improve on Social Media?

What was once a hot new trend has since become a mainstay that isn’t to be ignored. Social media is used by nearly three-quarters of all adults, according to a poll from the Pew Internet Project. As such, it is essential that insurance producer leverage social media, and do so properly.

Life Insurance as an Alternative to a Non-deductible IRA – Reason #5: Maximizing Social Security Income

The coming tax season is a perfect time to help your high-income clients assess the options available for their additional savings. In a series of 6 back-to-back blogs we illustrate 5 key reasons why cash value life insurance can be a powerful savings vehicle when…

Making the Most of Social Selling on LinkedIn

With the rise of social media has come the ascent of social selling. While “social selling” may sound like just another buzzword that’s here today and gone tomorrow, it’s actually a new version of what financial professionals have been attempting since the industry first began: Building personal brands.

Retirement Planning Myths You Should Dispel Immediately

While your clients turn to you for financial advice, that doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking out information on their own, whether that’s from blogs, news reports or their peers. Though seeking to understand as much as possible about their finances in general and retirement specifically is admirable, there is plenty of misinformation available. Here are some of the myths your clients may have heard that you should dispel quickly:

Can You Reveal Too Much Online?

If you’ve sought advice on how to maximize your practice’s online presence, you have probably heard that it’s best to educate potential customers through blogs and social media posts.

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