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The Real Risk of Disability

It’s common to believe that an event that causes a disability won’t happen to you or anyone else you know. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality.

Retirement Planning: Baby Boomers Require Special Approach

Given that the baby boomer generation is a very large one – with a population of more than 77 million in the United States in 2008 – insurance agents and financial advisors should ensure that they are meeting their unique needs.

Women Take Ownership of Their Finances: Study

A new study found women generally expressed more concern than men regarding their financial stability in the future, especially with regards to retirement.

Why it Pays to Target a Specific Market

As a financial professional, you want to expand your business and locate new clients. With the Internet, it’s easier than ever to create an expansive client​ base that is not constrained by specific geographic factors.

Help Your Clients Explore Long-Term Care Options

People are living longer, and with this development comes a greater need for future planning. With this in mind, it’s no surprise long-term care insurance has become a hot topic.

Women More Confident Regarding Retirement, But Face Greater Risks

A recent survey highlighted what may be a disconnect between expectation and strategy as it relates to client retirement planning. According to a report, 51% of women said they were looking forward to retirement, a considerably higher amount than 41% of men.

Concerned about Money in Retirement, Women See Value in Financial Advice

A LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute survey revealed that among consumers aged 50 -75 with $100,000 or more in household income women are more likely than men to be concerned about running out of money in retirement (46 percent vs. 35 percent).

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