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March 2018 LTC Newsletter


LTC in the News

The word is spreading. Major news outlets are letting the American people know the importance of long-term care planning. Are you? Here are a few recent third-party articles.

Top News

What to Say Now About LTCI Rate Increases

Although the Society of Actuaries has weighed in on currently priced LTC policies and found there is a very low chance of future rate increases, it is good to err on the side of caution – as Margie Barrie does in this article – and inform your clients that they are likely to experience some pricing increases over the years. Read more

Planning Starts with Emotions, Then Moves to Financing

Financial planning historically has been based around the “logical” conversations — those dealing in accumulation, returns and the numbers. That advice model has helped millions of people secure their financial future. But today, one of the biggest risks, long-term care, to a retirement portfolio, requires an additional type of conversation — one that also appeals to emotions. Read more

Long-Term care: Early Planning Pays Off

It’s best to talk about long term care early — before the need for medical or personal care is imminent. Here’s help understanding, choosing and financing long term care.
Read more

Long-Term Care Marketing Resources

About Long-Term Care Insurance Premium Increases

When insurers set the premium prices for long-term care insurance policies, they make assumptions about what will happen over the time period between when people purchase and ultimately use their policies. These assumptions help ensure that the premiums collected over time will sufficiently cover expected claims. Generally, policyholders do not submit claims for decades after purchasing long-term care insurance, so these assumptions are made looking 30 or more years into the future. Read more

Impact of Alzheimer’s disease reaches beyond the elderly

Longevity is one of the biggest risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. The expectation is that the prevalence of Alzheimer’s will escalate rapidly as baby boomers age into their 70s, 80s and 90s. Learn about the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease and understand the value of planning ahead with this infographic.

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