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Leveraging Mobile Technology for Insurance Producers

Are you taking full advantage of smartphone technology?In today’s technology-driven world, there’s a gadget or app for just about everything. More than just a trend, these tools can help you become more productive and improve your workflow – and, as an insurance professional, you know that efficiency is everything. Here are a few apps that can make you more efficient:

Microsoft OneNote

Have you ever made a note on your desktop computer that you forgot to transfer over to your smartphone and tablet? Once you walk away from your desk, you can no longer access that information. With this in mind, Microsoft unveiled OneNote, software that links your mobile devices to your computer through its cloud, known as OneDrive.


In a beautiful pairing of low- and high-tech, Penultimate allows you to use your tablet like a traditional notebook. Using your finger as a stylus, you can change the pen size and color to suit your needs. Just like a notebook, you can flip through pages. Unlike a notebook, you can email the pages or embed pictures into the notes. And, like OneNote, the app is free.

Scanner Pro

Paper is passé, but as an insurance professional, you still end up with all kinds of printed receipts and contracts throughout your workweek, right? Enter the ScannerPro. Using your iPhone or iPad as a scanner, you can make PDF copies of receipts, contracts, articles, book pages – anything you can scan, you can save and email with this app. ScannerPro will run you about $7 in the app store, and is only compatible with iOS mobile devices.

PDF Expert

In a further merging of digital and analog products, PDF Expert allows you to digitally manipulate and edit PDFs on your mobile device. Whether you need to take notes, highlight or edit an article or sign a contract, it can all be done on the go and with no paper needed. This app costs $9.99 and is compatible with iPhones and iPads.


Our society seems to be moving away from paper as quickly as possible, with one notable exception: business cards. They’re still widely used, but you probably don’t have a rolodex on your desk, so what do you do with all of them? Camcard is an app that does more than just scan and store business cards for you. It also allows you to add notes about the person, add them on LinkedIn and easily send them a call or an email. The app works across Apple and Android products and is free for the first 50 cards, after which time it’ll run you $7.99 to purchase.

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