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Life Insurance: It’s Not for You. It’s for Them.

Across the nation, September marks Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). LIAM serves as a necessary reminder to individuals that life insurance is an important, and often forgotten part of financial planning.

The theme this year, “It’s not for you. It’s for them.”, by Life Happens, annual organizer of LIAM, is focused on who life insurance is really meant to protect – your loved ones. There are few better ways to illustrate this than by watching the role parents play in families.

Think about how many ways parents support their loved ones — the indispensable tasks they take care of on a daily basis. What happens when that support is interrupted? While life insurance can’t replace a loved one, it can make the financial path easier for those left behind. Once the life insurance is in place, it is done. No more thinking about it.

Encourage those you know to make an appointment and speak with an advisor today.

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