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Leveraging Non-qualified “Rainy Day” Monies Into Long Term Care Protection with an LTCA

When long-term care insurance (LTCI) was first introduced more than 40 years ago, the first baby boomers were in their early thirties. Back then it was a popular product because it was a reasonably priced way for young and healthy boomers to protect their assets against likely need for long-term care.

Leave A Lasting Legacy with an Inherited IRA

Establishing an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a great way to build retirement assets and being able to designate beneficiaries simplifies the issue of passing it on after death. However, a lot can happen once it is passed on to the primary beneficiary (usually the spouse) and beyond to contingent beneficiaries (the children) that can produce harmful, unintended consequences. If leaving a legacy that can endure is your goal, simply naming beneficiaries on your IRA is not the way to go.

Indexed Annuities as a Bond Replacement

In the context of an asset allocation strategy, bonds serve two primary purposes: 1) to provide steady income and 2) to counter the volatility of the equity portion of the portfolio and provide stability. How has that been working for you?

Using a SPIA to Purchase Life Insurance

If you work with older, high net worth clients, you have most likely uncovered the need for life insurance, either to provide estate liquidity or for the purpose of increasing a family legacy. Whatever the reason, a life insurance policy is a major purchase for older clients, often requiring the payment of large premiums for the remainder of their lives. While you wouldn’t recommend such a purchase for any clients who don’t have the income or the assets to comfortably cover the premium payments, you could greatly enhance the financial position of those who do with the use of a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) as a funding source.

Annuities and Retirement Planning

Retirees’ demand for more predictability and security in their retirement income has led an increasing number of financial advisors to look to annuities as way to provide more stability in their clients’ investment portfolios. They are also looking to annuities as a way to replace the third leg of the retirement income stool as a guaranteed lifetime income. Retirement planning occurs in different phases and at different stages of peoples’ lives. Depending on what stage of life a person is in, there is different kind of annuity that is best suited for their situation.

Creating a Pension Using a Fixed Indexed Annuity

You’ve probably never heard anyone complain about their pension. That’s because it provides the certainty of knowing how much income they will receive and that it will last as long as they do. That kind of certainty is very difficult to replicate, which is what makes annuities so attractive.

Demand for Annuities Grow as Sales Take-Off

Based on new data released by LIMRA regarding life insurance sales in 2014, the market for annuities is particularly hot. Increased annuity sales demonstrate that consumers are more conscious of how life insurance products can factor into their retirement planning strategy, but there are still signs that financial professionals need to market certain products more aggressively.

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