Can You Reveal Too Much Online?

If you’ve sought advice on how to maximize your practice’s online presence, you have probably heard that it’s best to educate potential customers through blogs and social media posts. This approach has been successful for many providers, but some financial professionals remain wary. After all, financial professionals provide important advice to paying clients. Why would a smart producer want to give that information away for free?

While it might be counterintuitive for some producers, the explanatory approach can reel in new clients and help your practice differentiate itself from other operations. It’s not really possible to reveal too much on your site, but you will want to ensure the information you release connects with consumers.

Why you need to share

Life Health Pro explained that a successful social media presence gives consumers confidence in your expertise. What’s more, consumers expect financial professionals to demonstrate their ability to provide value ahead of any professional interaction.

Because there is so much information available on the Internet, basic details about the insurance industry don’t differentiate your practice. Instead, you want to give consumers information that explains how these insurance products can affect their lives. This type of advice is traditionally provided once people become a client, but by offering it up front, you can lure in consumers who will recognize your understanding of the insurance industry.

Consumers recognize that their personal financial situation requires more than a simplistic solution. Your social media presence can demonstrate a deep understanding of the industry and different consumer needs.

So, what shouldn’t you do?

Above all else, avoid being too protective of your online presence. While you want to avoid any compliance violations or other legal issues, it’s important to be as open as possible. By consistently providing new content and being responsive on social media platforms, you cultivate the idea that you are a person instead of a faceless financial professional.

Marketing Tech Blog noted that it’s also important to target the right people with your content. If you find that your current approach isn’t generating good leads, reconsider both where the content is being published and the content itself. It might be that you are publishing strong pieces to the wrong platform. That makes it impossible for the correct audience to engage with your brand. Experiment with different ways of distributing online content to discover what works.

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