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Building Relationships Through Social Media

In short, the days of traditional marketing efforts for wealth planning professionals are over. Now is the time to build business relationships through social media.

Don’t Let Email Marketing Fall by the Wayside

There’s no denying that social media has changed the game for how financial professionals can engage with potential clients. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easier than ever to get people talking about important financial planning issues, from wealth transfer to long term care.

Incorporate Current Events Into Your Sales Strategy

More than ever, financial professionals are forced to contend with a strange dichotomy among clients. On the one hand, Americans are hungry for financial advice to sooth their worries. However, challenges in helping clients understand their risks, as well as the appropriate solutions, remain obstinate.

Help Your Clients Save on Estate Planning

There’s no shortage of factors to consider when it comes to estate planning. Family relationships, last wishes, wealth transfer – your clients will have their hands full. However, in addition to helping them wade through the often complex process of estate planning, they’ll also be looking to you for one more service: reducing costs.

Women More Confident Regarding Retirement, But Face Greater Risks

A recent survey highlighted what may be a disconnect between expectation and strategy as it relates to client retirement planning. According to a report, 51% of women said they were looking forward to retirement, a considerably higher amount than 41% of men.

Spotlight Your Value By Helping Clients Save

You provide your clients with valuable, and often life-changing, services. From estate planning to trust owned life insurance, the strategies and products you put forth allow clients to protect themselves, their loved ones and their legacies.

Help Clients Understand the Need for Disability Insurance

If obtaining insurance is all about planning for the future, many clients are leaving themselves vulnerable due to poor strategy.

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