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Appeal to Foreign Nationals for Increased Life Insurance Sales

It’s no secret that expanding your offerings is a great way to grow your business. This is the primary reason many financial professionals focus on a multidiscipline approach to their practices. However, expansion doesn’t just mean going from  concentrating solely on life insurance to providing estate planning and wealth transfer services, as well. It also applies to the types of clients you court.

Dispelling Insurance Myths

Dispelling insurance myths and urban legends can be just as beneficial to your clients as filling them in on coverage details in the first place. All too many individuals make serious insurance decisions under false impressions and with mistaken beliefs, so it’s essential for financial professionals to cut through the misinformation.

Tackling State Estate and Inheritance Taxes Head On

The old saying goes that death and taxes are the only two unavoidable occurrences in life. This is never more true for your clients than when it comes to inheritance and estate planning. While high-net-worth clients may be focused on what they’re leaving behind for their loved ones, a common blind spot is how much of a bite the state is going to take.