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5 Habits Every Life Insurance Producer Needs To Break

As a provider of life insurance, your clients look to you for advice regarding their finances. And while you have the right credentials, you strive to continually improve yourself and thereby, the services you provide for you clients.

Making Internal Efficiency a Top Priority in 2015

Though the U.S. is moving out of the recession and welcoming a stronger economy, many insurance professionals like yourself are still figuring out how to provide superior services while on tight budgets. The insurance industry is in the midst of an “out with the old, in with the new” movement, and part of reigning in a new era is increasing the efficiency of your internal processes. 

Insurance Producers Must Prepare for a Shifting Industry Landscape

A recent report from LIMRA highlighted a number of changes on the horizon for insurance producers. The question for these professionals is how they plan to meet these challenges.

Building Relationships Through Social Media

In short, the days of traditional marketing efforts for wealth planning professionals are over. Now is the time to build business relationships through social media.

Is a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust Right For Your Client?

As an insurance producer working with high net worth individuals, there are plenty of ways to ensure their families can take advantage of the money they have set aside for them without losing a large percentage of it in taxes.

Maximizing Wealth Through a Credit Shelter Trust

Do estate taxes keep your clients up at night? Do they worry about the amount of money they can pass to their heirs? This is a common concern among high net worth individuals, many of whom worked extremely hard to generate wealth that gives them the peace of mind knowing their spouse, children and grandchildren will be taken care of once they’re gone. For married individuals, a Credit Shelter Trust (CST) may be the right solution to help them avoid estate taxes when passing wealth on to their beneficiaries.

Where Can Insurance Providers Improve on Social Media?

What was once a hot new trend has since become a mainstay that isn’t to be ignored. Social media is used by nearly three-quarters of all adults, according to a poll from the Pew Internet Project. As such, it is essential that insurance producer leverage social media, and do so properly.