How Do Consumers Like to Learn About Insurance?

Life insurance products and annuities are some of the best investments consumers can make to secure their financial futures. However, many consumers remain unclear on the differences between products and why certain products would be beneficial for them. To spread the word, financial professionals must educate clients on products by presenting financial information to consumers through channels they prefer.

Where people prefer to get their information

Financial professionals are a trusted source of information for most people. In fact, they are the second most preferred resource for financial education, according to a study conducted by LIMRA. People trust financial professionals who are not directly affiliated with a single insurance provider. In fact, people were much less likely to seek advice from a specific insurance company, which means that financial professionals need to be a consistent source of information about insurance products for their clients.

An unwillingness to seek help

While many people do look for help with their finances, a large portion of the population avoids advice on financial matters. In many cases, these individuals are uninterested in a financial education because they feel capable of handling their own finances. These individuals may not seek a financial professional directly, but they are likely to still need advice as they attempt to manage finances on their own.

To interact with these clients, financial professionals may want to create repositories of advice that these individuals can easily tap into. The Internet is an ideal place to provide this type of general-purpose financial advice, and financial professionals can easily broadcast their educational material using social media networks. This allows financial professionals to build a relationship with people who may not actively seek the help of a financial professional otherwise.

While these individuals may favor a self-directed financial strategy, they may come to associate the financial professional’s brand with unbiased financial advice. When these individuals need someone to help them negotiate a difficult financial situation or insurance purchase, that financial professional will be the first person they contact.

Smart social media strategies

It’s clear that financial education is particularly important for many consumers, and that people want to find reliable resources for financial information. Producers who leverage the Internet to share financial knowledge can build a client base organically, but that’s only possible if they provide the right type of information.

An intelligent social media strategy eschews material with a direct sales message in favor of educational information that can be broadly applied. This casts the financial professional as a knowledgeable and transparent resource.

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