Why EasyLife?

EasyLife incorporates the most up-to-date underwriting and application technology the industry has to offer. EasyLife can reduce the hassle of selling life insurance.

Multiple ways to apply:

  • Paper Forms – will generate a traditional fillable application for the product you selected.
  • E-App – This process allows you to complete and sign a full application online. With the help of the wizard, you complete a fillable version of the carrier’s full application embedded with specific rules so you do not inadvertently skip over required questions. Once you have completed the application, you will be able to electronically sign the application and submit it to your local office case manager for review. Once your case manager has reviewed the application, he or she will submit it to the carrier on your behalf.
  • Drop Ticket – This is a shortened form that get the application process started. Once the drop ticket is submitted, the carrier will reach out to the client to complete the rest of the application over the phone. Your client will still have to answer the normal questions, including medical, but they (and you) won’t have to deal with the tedious paperwork.
  • Accelerated Underwriting – Take advantage of carrier accelerated underwriting programs! Accelerated underwriting can turn weeks into days and potentially eliminate the need for a paramedical exam. Finally, the life insurance industry is catching up to the speed of life. The following carriers have accelerated underwriting processes associated with their drop ticket options:
  • Banner
  • John Hancock – up to $3 million for ages 18-60
  • Lincoln
  • Minnesota Life – up to $2 million for ages 18-50
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Nationwide
  • Principal
  • Protective
  • Prudential
  • and more to come…

Accelerated underwriting uses a combination of a client interview, application, and database searches to underwrite the risk… notice NO PARAMED! Keep in mind – this process isn’t for everyone – a good rule of thumb is a client that fits these parameters:

  • Age: 18 to 60
  • Face amount: 1,000,000 or less
  • Assumed Preferred or better risk (typically not for standard or worse)

The process isn’t perfect – sometimes the insurance carrier will still need to get more information. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed along the way.

What carriers are available?

Click on the icons below to view more information. Carriers, products, and underwriting options subject to change.

Carrier/Product Drop Ticket e-App Accelerated UW
AIG drop ticket

AXA Equitable drop ticket

Banner Life drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

drop ticket

John Hancock
drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Lincoln LincXpress drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Lincoln TermAccel drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Minnesota Life/Securian drop ticket


accelerated underwriting

Mutual of Omaha / United of Omaha drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Nationwide accelerated underwriting

North American accelerated underwriting

Principal Financial Group drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Protective drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Prudential drop ticket

accelerated underwriting

Savings Bank Life Insurance drop ticket

accelerated underwriting


accelerated underwriting

New York Carriers

Carrier Drop Ticket e-App Accelerated
AXA Equitable drop ticket*

Brighthouse drop ticket**

Lincoln Financial Group ***
Principal Financial Group accelerated underwriting
Prudential drop ticket (No Replacement) accelerated underwriting

Securian * accelerated underwriting

US Life drop ticket (No Replacement)
William Penn drop ticket (No Replacement)

*Reg60 available
**Reg60 available but need to have Reg60 forms completed upfront and upload with Drop Ticket
***A completed Appendix 10C prior to submission of E-Application

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