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Can Diabetics Qualify for Life Insurance?

According to the American Diabetes Association, 30.3 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and the numbers continue to rise as generations age, causing a headache for some financial professionals when it comes to locating proper life insurance coverage for their clients. When working with older clients, it can be difficult to find an affordable policy; however, combining that with less than ideal health issues can often create hurdles difficult to overcome.

What High Net Worth Clients Are Looking for in Life Insurance

With such a high volume of assets under management, high net worth clients represent a promising market for life insurance professionals.

How Life Insurance Underwriting Is Changing

A crucial step in the process of placing a new life insurance policy is the underwriting procedure. But it may also be the riskiest point in the sales timeline.

Helping Clients with High Risk Avocations

No two clients are the same for insurance producers, and the same holds true for the risks associated with them. While insurance planning can provide individuals with a valuable financial tool, obtaining the right coverage can be harder for some clients, especially when high-risk avocations are an issue.