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How to Maximize Legacy Contributions

By utilizing the advantages of a stretch IRA, clients can pass on extra savings to their spouse or children without forcing them to take a major tax hit.

Consumers Interested in Annuities

A new study reveals that millennials look for retirement strategies that provide guaranteed income. This strategy may provide confidence to consumers who are wary of riskier savings plans, but it represents a significant adjustment from older generations.

Staying Fit As You Age

It’s important to recognize how physical fitness affects your ability to enjoy your retirement. Many people maintain consistent fitness regimens when they are younger, but the pressures of working and having a family can derail health efforts.

Wealthy Retirees Greatest Fear: Becoming a Burden

More than four in 10 high net worth investors cited a burdensome retirement as their greatest fear in advanced age.

High Net Worth Clients Trust Pros in Retirement: Study

While recent studies, including one conducted by Spectrem Group, have shown that high net worth individuals don’t always rely on financial professionals to manage their investments, those trends seem to shift as clients approach and enter retirement.

Americans Focused on Retirement Income

Depending on a person’s savings plan, retirement can either represent a time of unprecedented freedom or one of fiscal concern. Even for wealthier consumers, planning for retirement can be a stressful endeavor. While high net worth consumers may not be apprehensive about outliving their retirement savings, most certainly want to leave a legacy for next generation.

Americans Remain Undereducated About Retirement

By now, information about how underprepared Americans are for retirement has become old news, but it’s difficult to overstate the depth of this problem. A litany of factors have contributed to this crisis, and it’s difficult to pinpoint a surefire solution.

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