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Wealthy Retirees Concerned About Legacy Planning

A new study from consumer investment and retirement insights service Hearts and Wallets recently dove into how high net worth Americans face legacies.

Aging Advisors, Clients Pose Tough Questions

Talking about long-term care isn’t easy no matter how unique the situation. Working with a financial professional to traverse these sensitive issues may do a lot to make clients feel better about living comfortably in retirement.

Americans Need More Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most versatile financial planning tools available, but most Americans don’t have enough coverage for their economic situation, according to LIMRA.

New Research Shows Benefits of Focused Retirement Planning

New research from LIMRA offers a full look at where the market for retirement planning services stands today.

Women Seek Collaboration from a Financial Professional

When asked about their top financial priority, women and men agree that planning for retirement is the biggest issue.

How to Maximize Legacy Contributions

By utilizing the advantages of a stretch IRA, clients can pass on extra savings to their spouse or children without forcing them to take a major tax hit.

Consumers Interested in Annuities

A new study reveals that millennials look for retirement strategies that provide guaranteed income. This strategy may provide confidence to consumers who are wary of riskier savings plans, but it represents a significant adjustment from older generations.

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