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Are You Hanging on to Too Much Cash?

Saving for a comfortable retirement may be the most important investment anyone makes throughout their lives.

Establish a Strong Online Presence that Educates

Client education is a crucial part of a financial professional’s job, and is necessary for long-lasting relationships with consumers. Historically, in-person meetings and the occasional phone call formed the backbone of the relationship between clients and producers, but that’s no longer the case.

LIMRA: Retirees Don’t Always Choose the Safest Plan

Retirement savings is a simple enough concept to understand, but a very difficult one to successfully implement.

Retirement Planning: Baby Boomers Require Special Approach

Given that the baby boomer generation is a very large one – with a population of more than 77 million in the United States in 2008 – insurance agents and financial advisors should ensure that they are meeting their unique needs.

Is Generation X Financially Prepared for Retirement?

From the tech bubble burst to the Great Recession, members of Generation X have had their list of financial woes and notable setbacks impacting their long-term financial planning.

Advisors Need to Help Clients Overcome Unrealistic Views of Retirement Income

News outlets love to report on the dire retirement situation facing Americans, and it’s true that many people are extremely unprepared for retirement.

Wealthy Retirees Concerned About Legacy Planning

A new study from consumer investment and retirement insights service Hearts and Wallets recently dove into how high net worth Americans face legacies.

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