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Advisors, Consumers Should Reevaluate Policies

Getting a client in the door and signing up for a life insurance policy isn’t a permanent solution. There are a number of changes an individual may experience in their lives that may call for various levels of coverage.

High Net Worth Clients Should Investigate Premium Financing

Financial professionals may find that some high net worth clients do not purchase as much life insurance as they should because the clients fear taking liquid assets out of other investments that lead larger short-term yields. This can be frustrating for financial professionals who want to help their clients meet legacy planning needs.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Financial Professionals

These days, just about every company can benefit from a social media campaign.

Why Choose Key Person Insurance?

Key person protection is important for ensuring that your client’s business overcomes the loss of a vital employee. What is your client doing to protect their business if a key person is no longer there to help drive business? Unfortunately, many business owners don’t consider the risks of losing a key person until it is too late.

How to Attract High Net Worth Clients

Every financial professional understands that high net worth clients are extremely valuable in the long term. These individuals have more assets to invest than anyone else, and that makes them ideal candidates for extensive financial guidance.

What Clients Want When Buying Life Insurance Right Now

What do people want when buying life insurance? If you are reading this, you’ve likely been around long enough to know that it’s hard to replicate a one-size fits all approach, especially when it comes to something as personal as life insurance.

Maximize Legacy Planning with Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can benefit people in some unexpected ways. Most people know the primary benefits of life insurance: To meet financial obligations upon a policyholder’s death, as well as maintain their household should they have any spouses or dependents to support. But in certain scenarios, life insurance policies can provide a much larger benefit that can help shape a family’s legacy.

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