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What Clients Want When Buying Life Insurance Right Now

What do people want when buying life insurance? If you are reading this, you’ve likely been around long enough to know that it’s hard to replicate a one-size fits all approach, especially when it comes to something as personal as life insurance.

Maximize Legacy Planning with Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can benefit people in some unexpected ways. Most people know the primary benefits of life insurance: To meet financial obligations upon a policyholder’s death, as well as maintain their household should they have any spouses or dependents to support. But in certain scenarios, life insurance policies can provide a much larger benefit that can help shape a family’s legacy.

Keep Existing Clients While Building Relationships with New Ones

Life insurance agents and financial planners are often focused on what they can do to attract new clients, but it’s important that they not forget about existing clients, as studies have shown personal relationships are a huge part of retention.

Offer Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use: An “Asset Protector” Package Enhances Flexibility

by John Deremo, Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, Life and A&H, AIG Financial Distributors

For the first time in the life insurance industry, you’re able to tell clients something they’ve never heard before: “If you don’t die prematurely, you may be able to spend your entire death benefit on virtually anything you want.”

Streamline Your Life Insurance Transactions with EasyLife


At Highland, we understand that every life insurance policy is important, but some shouldn’t take as much time as others. That’s why we improved EasyLife.

Life Insurance Benefits the Living

Death benefits may be the most commonly associated feature of life insurance, for both financial advisors and clients. However, there are many benefits of life insurance that clients can take advantage of now.

Financial Advice: What Women Want

The majority of the nation’s wealth is expected to soon be controlled by women and if over half of those women prefer to receive financial advice from other women, then men- you’re in trouble.

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