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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Protecting Your Ability to Earn A Living

Anyone who is working and has financial obligations should consider disability insurance.

The Real Risk of Disability

It’s common to believe that an event that causes a disability won’t happen to you or anyone else you know. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality.

Why Disability Insurance is Vital for Business Owners

With a clause to cover death and disability, a properly structured business insurance plan could be among the most valuable investments a company makes.

Disability a Greater Risk than Many Clients May Realize

Insurance producers have the difficult task of getting their clients to think long and hard about topics they may not want to consider. Namely, their eventual passing. However, death is not the only potential risk your clients need to focus on protection against. In fact, based on data, there’s a good chance your clients are better financially prepared for death than they are for disability.

Disability Insurance Needs to Take The Modern Workforce Into Account

It’s well-known that people are living longer, but the effect that’s having on people’s time in the workforce is less clear. Longer lifespans are not necessarily leading to more time spent in retirement. Instead, many people are using their healthy years to work longer and build more wealth.

Insurance Can Ease Toll of Disability

When was the last time you talked with your clients about their financial plan if they were to suddenly become disabled? Disability insurance is reported to be one of the most overlooked types of insurance. If you haven’t discussed it recently with your clients, now is a good time.

Disability Insurance Isn’t Just For Catastrophic Events

Many people view disability as something that happens suddenly, something that happens after car accidents, a disastrous sports injury or a disease that spreads and immobilizes quickly. 

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