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An LLC Buy-Sell? Powerful Simplicity

LLC Powerful Simplicity


There’s a little-known buy-sell strategy that avoids many of the pitfalls of traditional arrangements.1

The LLC buy-sell combines the benefits of a cross purchase buy-sell and an entity buy-sell while eliminating many of the challenges business owners and their advisors typically face.

The owners of a successful business should plan for the transfer of the business to the next generation. Buy-Sell plans can make all the difference in a successful transfer of the business to surviving business owners in the event of a triggering event, such as the death, disability or retirement of one of them — all while protecting the financial interest of the surviving family members.

Top 4 Ways Life Insurance Is Used for Business Planning

Business owners can use life insurance to protect their businesses and provide important benefits to their employees. Without proper planning and funding, many businesses fail to continue to the next generation.

Here are 4 ways life insurance is used in business planning: