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3 Risk Management Solutions: Going “Long” on Longevity

64% of retirees who file for bankruptcy do so because medical expenses have wiped out their savings. (1)

Before retirement, market volatility and inflation are top of mind risks to manage. During retirement, in addition to managing these risks come the risks of:

  • living too long,
  • annually increasing healthcare costs depleting savings, and
  • leaving inadequate income for a surviving spouse.

6 Options (or not) for Funding Long-Term Care Costs

It is estimated that one year of home health care — which averages roughly $44,000 per year today — will cost approximately $96,000 by year 2032 (assuming a 4% rate of inflation, 40 hours/week).1

The unpredictability of a chronic illness or long-term care event requires consideration of all the options available.

8 Year-End Planning Tips

The 2018 tax return will be the first tax season under the 2017 Tax Act.  Below are 8 tax tips to consider as you sift through opportunities to maximize tax savings.

THINK PINK, LIVE GREEN: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Despite the improvements in breast cancer outcomes due to medical advancements in detection and treatments, breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer in women. Though men are not immune to the disease, statistics show that the number of deaths from breast cancer per year for men is  480 compared to 40,000 for women.

Got Life?

Those of us in the life insurance business know that life insurance is so basic and foundational that we must never stop asking this one question. In fact, life insurance is so fundamental to our country’s economic health that the U.S. tax code encourages its purchase.

That’s a powerful endorsement of the value we bring families.

People Need Life Insurance & They Know It

Life insurance protection is the foundation of a family’s future, providing cash exactly when it is needed most to:

Top 10 Things Not To Do With A Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy offers benefits no other financial vehicle can offer because of its tax favored status, its flexibility, and the leverage and liquidity it provides families.  At the same time, life insurance can be complex and clients and their other financial advisors would be wise to seek the help of a life insurance specialist to navigate the complexity and deliver simplicity to the process of purchasing a policy, or exchanging or transferring an existing one.  Here are 10 things not to do with a life insurance policy:

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