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Better Insurance Marketing Through Personalization

Forming a bond with clients is important across a number of industries, but perhaps none more so than insurance. Producers are responsible for providing not just a valuable service to clients, but a roadmap for their futures.

Financial Planning Steps for New Parents

The months leading up to a new addition to the family are exciting ones. And while your clients who are expecting their first child may be overwhelmed with picking cribs and strollers, it’s up to you to help them get their financial house in order. Here are a few steps for new parents to take to prepare for baby:

Americans Looking to Future Financial Needs Sooner Rather Than Later

From estate planning to long-term care, the financial strategy needs of Americans are varied, and age often plays a major role in what financial advice individuals require. The goal for insurance producers and other professionals working in the financial planning industry is to determine what advice clients need and when.

Helping Clients with High Risk Avocations

No two clients are the same for insurance producers, and the same holds true for the risks associated with them. While insurance planning can provide individuals with a valuable financial tool, obtaining the right coverage can be harder for some clients, especially when high-risk avocations are an issue.

The Evolving Relationship of Financial Professionals and Wholesalers

Ensuring all clients get the proper wealth planning products is no small effort. It takes a team of professionals who have their clients’ best interests in mind. One key player is the wholesaler.

Retirement Planning Myths You Should Dispel Immediately

While your clients turn to you for financial advice, that doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking out information on their own, whether that’s from blogs, news reports or their peers. Though seeking to understand as much as possible about their finances in general and retirement specifically is admirable, there is plenty of misinformation available. Here are some of the myths your clients may have heard that you should dispel quickly:

A Basic Needs Analysis Can Answer the Most Important Client Questions

The No. 1 question insurance producers find themselves getting asked is usually along the lines of: How much insurance do I need? Even if clients aren’t asking producers this question, there’s no doubt they’re asking it of themselves.

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