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April 2017 LTC Newsletter


LTC in the News

The word is spreading. Major news outlets are letting the American people know the importance of long-term care (LTC) planning. Are you? Here are a couple of recent third party articles.

Top News

Regulators Form Long-Term Care Insurer Solvency Team

State insurance regulators are ramping up efforts to tackle the problems in the long-term care insurance market and related markets. Read more

Help Clients Separate Myth from Fact to Better Protect their Retirement Nest Eggs

Few things can take a bigger bite out of retirement savings than a long-term care event. Even the strongest, most well-crafted retirement income strategies are vulnerable to the impact of the rising cost of care. While most financial professionals understand this, launching into a conversation about long term care with a healthy, 40-something client can be challenging. But there are some compelling reasons to consider asset-based long term care products in the context of retirement strategies, and new research—coupled with learning how to address LTC myths—may make the conversation easier to begin. Read more

How to Help Aging Parents Make Legal, Medical and Financial Decisions

Seven out of 10 Americans say major barriers prevent their families from communicating frankly about who will make financial decisions on behalf of an aging parent. TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky talks frankly about the legal, medical and money issues your parents may face in their later years, and how to deal with them. View video

5 Long-Term Care Hybrid Perspectives

Members of a body that’s trying to develop better ways to help people pay for long-term care are struggling with how to think about products that combine long-term care benefits with something else. Read more

TX Own Your Future Campaign – Time to Meet with Your Clients About Long-Term Care Insurance

The State of Texas has created an initiative called the “Own Your Future” campaign, which is a plan to educate Texans about the need to plan for LTC.  They have created these really great toolkits that provide great info on risks, costs, Medicare, Medicaid, LTC insurance, partnership, etc. Learn more

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