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The 2017 Tax Act- An Overview Part II: Potential Winners & Losers

Lina Storm, CLU®, ChFC®, MBA- Vice President, Field Marketing at Highland Capital Brokerage follows up with additional insights into the new tax law with “The 2017 Tax Act- An Overview: Part 2.”

Over the next year many of the new complex rules of the Tax Act will be tested, after which the actual winners and losers will be revealed. Part 2 of our Tax Reform Spotlight explores these possible winners and losers and offers some context for your clients.

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Potential Winners Potential Losers
Big Business Personal Service/ Specified Service Business
Commercial Real Estate Owners & Operators Lawyers/Doctors/Accountants/Healthcare/Brokerage
Engineers/Architects High Income Earners in High-Tax States
Private Equity & Hedge Funds Upper Middle-Class
Wealthy Families Charitable Organizations


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